Score & Streaming
The complete solution for sports events

Create your channel page,

launch your scoreboard, turn on the cam, You're ready to stream !

Produce like pros... for Free !

We provide all the tools you need to produce and sell professionnal contents in real time !

Forget heavy post prod process.

We also take care of online selling process, coupons editing ...

Swit provide a Live Pay Per View Webcast Solution designed for Sport Events coverage. will bring you all the features of the Swit platform the easy way ! It will be fully open in a few weeks.

In the meantime, if you need to broadcast your private or public event live : contact us, we can help !

Swit offers all standard live stream platform features PLUS all the things a Sport Event Producer needs, like:


  • Complete competition management and scoreboard solution
  • Marker, Comments and photo contribution from mobile devices directly on the timeline
  • A complete score solution synchronised with your video : Transform the "timeline" in "scoreline" 
  • Multiple simultaneous streams on the same page, one for each room/match
  • Real time channel page customisation,

And more...